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Welcome to Texas DIrector’s  Child Development Course: Classroom & Behavior Management

This course utilizes materials created by Carrie Casey and  materials from  To complete this course, you will need to rea, watch videos & complete assessments.  Your instructor, Carrie Casey, is available through email at

 Course Description: 

An examination of the underlying theoretical principles of developmentally appropriate practices applied to programs, environments, emphasizing the key role of relationships, constructive adult/child interactions, and teaching strategies in supporting physical, social, creative, and intellectual development for all children. This course includes a review of the historical roots of early childhood programs and the evolution of professional practices promoting advocacy, ethics, and professional identity. 

Student Learning Outcomes: 

1. Interpret best and promising teaching and care practices as defined within the field of early care and education’s history, range of delivery systems, program types, philosophies, and ethical standards. 

2. Identify the underlying theoretical perspective in forming a professional philosophy. 

3. Assess early childhood settings, curriculum, and teaching strategies utilizing indicators of quality early childhood practice that support all children including those with diverse characteristics and their families. 

4. Critique various guidance and interaction strategies to increase children’s social competence and promote a caring classroom community. 

5. Analyze the relationship between observation, planning, implementation, and assessment in developing effective teaching strategies and positive learning and development. 

6. Examine the value of play as a vehicle for developing skills, knowledge dispositions, and strengthening relationships. 

You may download the main text here.  There will be additional materials accessed throughout the course.