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THIS book is designed to be a 4-hour self-instructional training, allowing you to progress as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

Read through each section. There are worksheets after the sections B, to help synthesize the information & solidify it in your memory. At the end of the book there is a quiz that you can either complete & email in or submit through an on-line version of the quiz. Once our office has received the quiz answers & verified your payment, (presuming you pass the quiz) we will email you your certificate.


Welcome to: “10 Difficult Parent Situations & How to Manage them with Grace & Ease.”

Operating a school in today’s climate is challenging in its own right. Dealing with difficult client* situations can make it an even more problematic. Without carefully set and adhered to boundaries, problem clients can rob you of your joy in the work you do and take your time and attention away from the children. Today, we’ll discuss things you can do to manage these difficult client situations more efficiently so you can get back on track and help your students achieve the great things you know they’re capable of.

*The terms parent & client are used interchangeably in this course.