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How to Use This Book

THIS book is designed to be a 2-hour self-instructional training, allowing you to progress as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

Read through each chapter. The chapters have reflection questions at the end, to help synthesize the information & solidify it in your memory. At the end of the book there is a quiz that you can either complete & email in or submit through an on-line version of the quiz. Once our office has received the quiz answers & verified your payment, (presuming you pass the quiz) we will email you your certificate.

An Inward Journey

In the chaos of your life, do you often wish you could stop time and get rid of your stress and anxiety?

Today’s culture seems to be conspiring against us, seducing us into looking outside ourselves for our happiness, instead of within. However, once you learn how to look within yourself, you can achieve that feeling of stopping time for a moment, while you gain peace.

Try it now. Observe the flow of your thoughts and the images fluttering through your mind. Try to focus on one thing: your breathing.

Pause and give it a try.

Do you find yourself branching out from that one thought in a hundred different directions? Let the thoughts arise. Observe them and let them be, without delving into them. It’s like watching cars
pass by on the street.

Meditation can relax your body and calm your mind, but only if you allow it. With practice, the explosion of thoughts will dissipate as you clear your mind and let go of the chaos.