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Welcome to TexasDirector Self-Paced course.  Our online courses have been part of our program since 2005.  We are excited to give you an opportunity to do the course at your speed.

There are 2 parts of the course — The reading and the quizzes.

Now that you have registered for the course – 

Part 1 – make sure you have ordered the book — it is available as a paperback, hard back, audible and kindle edition.

If you want to get more out of the course you can also order the companion workbook

Part 2 is to answer the quizzes after each chapter.  You can read chapters then do the quizzes or you can read an entire section then do the quizzes for that section.

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Course Content

Chapter 1 - How Should Children Be Educated?
Chapter 2 - What Makes a Child Care Professional?
Chapter 3 - How Do I Get the Most Out of My Center?
Chapter 4 - How Do I talk and Write Effectively?
Chapter 5- Are These My Monkeys?
Chapter 6- Who Can Get Things Done?
Chapter 7 - Where Does the Time Go?
Chapter 8 - Who Is My Best Self?
Chapter 9 – What Parents Belong at your Center?
Chapter 10 – What about Ages and Stages
Chapter 11 - What are we teaching - lesson plans
Chapter 12 - How do we make our centers work for us?
Chapter 13 – How do we Best Manage the Children-Guidance
Chapter 14 - How do we keep the children healthy and safe?
Chapter 15 - What do you do when the worst happens
Section 3: Chapters 16 - 21
Chapter 17 - Organized chaos
Chapter 18 - Where did all the money go? Budgeting
Chapter 19 - Staffing and hiring
Chapter 20 - Marketing
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