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Welcome to TexasDirector Self-Paced course.  Our online courses have been part of our program since 2005.  We are excited to give you an opportunity to do the course at your speed.

There are 2 parts of the course — The content and the quizzes.

Now that you have registered for the course – 

Part 1 – make sure you have ordered the book — it is available as a paperback, hard back, audible and kindle edition.

If you want to get more out of the course you can also order the companion workbook

Part 2 is to answer the quizzes after each chapter.  You can read chapters then do the quizzes or you can read an entire section then do the quizzes for that section.

Some of the questions require manual response and will appear as unanswered and your grade will look as if it isn’t answered.

If you have questions about the answers or you aren’t sure if something is correct – – reach out to — include the chapter, quiz and question number.

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