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Minimum Standards

The Health and Human Services, the local health department, and various other state and federal agencies regulate childcare in the State of Texas.

From the day-to-day perspective, caregivers and staff are governed primarily by Chapter 746, Title 40, Social Services & Assistance, Part 19, generally referred to as “Minimum Standards” or “Standards.” The purpose of these minimum standards is to protect the health and well-being of children in non-parental care. These are the minimum. You may have operational procedures that are more strict than those set forth by the state.

There are three separate versions of Minimum Standards based on the type of program.

  • 746Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers
  • 744 – Minimum Standards for School-Age and Before or After-School Programs
  • 747 – Minimum Standards for Licensed and Registered Child-Care Homes

How Minimum Standards are Organized

Minimum Standards are compiled in a PDF document available from the Department of Health & Human Services either from your licensing representative or online at minimum-standards . Your program should also have at least one copy available for review in the office.

The document is divided into sub-chapters, each focusing on a specific area of regulation. For instance, sub-chapter U focuses on Indoor & Outdoor Active Play Space & Equipment in 746. So, if you are looking at adding something to your playground, first check this chapter for any limitations on that type of equipment.

As a professional working with children, you need to be familiar with the portions of standards that apply to your position. You will find a copy of the simplified table of contents from Minimum Standards on the following pages. It is your responsibility to comply with these standards while working at the program. So, take some time to become familiar with them as they relate to your job duties.

This is the Table of Contents for 746, Minimum Standards for Childcare Centers