Kate & Carrie are joined by center owner, Re'Shaun Webb to discuss how Re'shaun took her dramatic play up a notch or two.  She brings real life experiences of the children into their play lives in a way few can match.

In episode 55, Carrie and Kate introduce the topic of Dramatic Play. How to implement it in your program and how important it can be. This week we bring in a special quest, Re'Shaun! She is an entrepreneur who uses Dramatic Play at her Center and is ready to share how to implement it in your center today!

Check out episode 55 before learning more!
Re'shaun Webb Training: https://ccsntraining.com/trainings
Re'Shaun's Center: https://rainbowchildrensstation.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reshaunwebb/

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