Do you wake up each day excited at the prospect of going to work? Do you feel fortunate to have such wonderful employment and coworkers? Does your career provide you with spiritual abundance and freedom?  Does the passion for your career overflow every day, and inspire others?

Do you expect the best for your job and yourself? Are you considered an expert in your field and enjoy the perks and benefits that go along with that positive reputation? Is your pay is appropriate for your level of expertise?

Is your company thriving and providing you with challenge and inspiration? Do you feel grateful to be part of such a wonderful organization? Do you feel at home when working?

Is your boss supportive of employee advancement and good at giving feedback that staff needs in order to excel? Do you spend every night reflecting on how fortunate you are to have my career?

This is what I want for you in your career. I want you to plan to be your very best at work. I want you to be excited at the opportunities that your career presents and be committed to making the most of it. You have so many reasons to love your career if you are in the right one.  Take a minute to look at your current career track and appreciate what is great about it.  Also look at what needs to improve and make a plan to address it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What would I change about my career?
  2. How has my career improved over the last year?
  3. What do I enjoy the most about my career?
  4. What needs to change?
  5. What steps can I take to improve it?

If you are looking to take a different direction in you teaching career, Texas Director is here for you.  We can help you transition into a director or trainer role.  We also consult with folks who are looking to move into ownership.  Email for a free session to start putting together your plan.