You have goals and challenges.  There are parents who don't want to follow the rules.  You have teachers that are great in the classroom, but can't talk to parents without generating calls to your office.

We get it.  We have been there.  

Kate When I became a mom for the first time I decided to open a registered family home.  Before that I had

 worked as a Certified Business Analyst helping female business owners.  After a year I realized that most of the women I met in this industry didn't understand how their passion needed to be run like a business.  I was a founding instructor for a program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Small Business. 

For the last thirty years I have worked with thousands of business owners to help them find their passion and purpose.  If you are looking to take your business to the next step - growth or retirement - I can help you.

Carrie I was 3 years old when I decided I would have a childcare center when I grew up.  I loved my time at "school."  Those teachers were amazing.  I couldn't imagine a better life.

Getting there was not easy.  At 23 I was a pregnant, young mother who use

d her wedding gift money to put a down payment on a building for her center.  I had all the confidence in the world and not enough knowledge.  Passion and confidence carried me through a lot, but I didn't really have success until I found a mentor.

She had walked this road before and knew where some of the land mines were.  She helped me understand where parents were coming from, when I just didn't get it.  She helped me establish systems that relieved the chaos.  

Without Sandy, I would not have made it 2 years.  I have been in the field for 30 years, 23 as a Director/Trainer.  I just found out that most Directors only make it 18 months.  That is so sad!  Being a Director can and should be a fabulous journey.  

Now I get to pay it forward by mentoring Directors.  Thank you.

Get the support You need NOW!!!   Overcome your sense of overwhelm with one on one work with Carrie to restore the joy of the job.  Whether you need help with staff issues, licensing, classroom management, enrollment or something else entirely, all you need is a little time with a mentor. 

Hourly Coaching $125

Building Your Core Business $700/month - 3month commitment

Advanced Mastery $1000/month - 3 month commitment

Complete Business Support $3500/month - 6 month commitment 

For calendar availability - email kate@texasdirector.org -- or carrie@texasdirector.org

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