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Published in 2021, Kate & Carrie’s Authors most recent book provides strategies, inspiration, and encouragement for how to run a childcare center in a post-COVID world. Whether you call your program a mother’s-day-out, a preschool, an early childhood learning center, daycare, childcare, nursery or school, you still need to have a good understanding of the daily roles & responsibilities of the administrator/director.

Your good management of the center enables your staff and children to thrive in a learning environment that meets the needs of teachers, parents, and most importantly the children.

Early childhood professional and entrepreneurs Carrie Casey & Kate Woodward Young share their 20+ years of practical tips, tools, advice, and hard-won experience in the field they love with those ready to become the next generation of successful and effective administrators.

Inside, you’ll discover how to:
  • Reflect your own educational philosophy
  • Attract families who share your values
  • Achieve and maintains full enrollment
  • Train and retains an amazing staff
  • Network well within the community
  • Build and sticks to a realistic budget
  • And more…


  • How Do I Get the Most Out of My Center?
  • Where Does the Time Go?
  • Which Parents Belong at My Center?
  • How Do We Make Our Centers Work for Us?
  • What Do I Do When the Worst Happens?
  • Where Did All the Money Go?
  • What Does My Center Stand For?


The book is available as a kindle, audio, paperback and hardback. English and Spanish.




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