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This Accelerated CDA Prep Class can help you earn more $$$ and have your class run better before the summer gets here!

You love working with kids and do a pretty good job of it.  Sometimes the kids do things that make no sense to you, but most days are fun & rewarding.  You just wish it paid better. 

I get it.

Here’s the thing: by preparing for your CDA, you can

  • find out why the kids are doing the weird stuff
  • improve your relationship with the parents &
  • get paid more

What is the CDA?  A CDA is a nationally recognized early childhood education certification. The meaning of CDA is “Child Development Associates Credential.” Also called an ECE certificate or certificate in early childhood development, & is a great next step along your professional journey. It is issued by the Council for Professional Recognition.

In this class you will jump to the front of the line in less than a semester. Most CDA preparation classes take a year. You’ll be done in a quarter of that time! It is truly an accelerated CDA!

You will meet once a week with your instructor & other ECE professionals in the evening. Each night will focus on one area allowing you to ask questions & talk through things that happened in your class.

Group Pricing Available