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THIS book is designed to be a 4-hour self-instructional training, allowing you to progress as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

Read through each section. Practice the skills. At the end of the book there is space for you to create a daily plan, and a description of 5-10 actives around one of the provided themes. You will email in you lesson plan elements to Once our office has assessed your assignment & verified your payment, (presuming you master the concepts) we will email you your certificate.


Welcome to: “Creating Lesson Plans.”

One of the most important parts of teaching is being prepared and this includes lesson planning. Whether you are one who plans a year in advance with a detailed scope and sequence or one who plans a week at a time, having a plan helps keep teaching deliberate and focused on what the children’s needs and interests. With a few simple steps and the right resources, you can be intentional in your planning,
while offering purposeful learning opportunities.


There are many ways to go about writing lesson plans, and chances are that any teacher will try out a few different approaches before settling on one. Lesson planning can be timing consuming, so finding an approach that works for you is important. Children’s education depends on good lesson plans with excellent execution.

Thoughtfully curated lesson plans will ensure children have fun learning in developmentally appropriate ways, all while hitting benchmarks to prepare them for life.