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Welcome to 7 Steps to Deal with Toxic Clients.

In this book, we’re going to face the challenge of toxic clients. We’ll explore what works, what doesn’t work, when to lose them and how to head them off before they enter you door.

Texas Director was helped thousands of Directors increase their program’s function and bottom line. Your job is challenging toting around junk clients, only makes it worse. You don’t need to keep these fools in your house!

Not only will your life improve, so will the days of your staff that have been dealing with this toxic client. They won’t have walk on eggshells or hope a certain child is sick so they don’t have to deal with his parents at pickup time. If a client is behaving badly with you the chances are VERY good that they are even worse in the classroom.

The last person to come out better on the other side is the client. What?! Yes. She is unhappy with your services. If not, why all the fussing? Escorting this person out the door allows her to find a program that better matches her needs. If you love your program, let her go! (or him…whatever)

We’ve all had experiences with toxic people. It’s stressful and upsetting to deal with them. They can undermine your confidence, drain your energy with negativity and complaints, waste your time, tarnish your reputation and lose you money. But toxic clients don’t just come in one shape or size. And what’s the difference between negativity and toxicity?

Is toxicity always an emotional or communication issue? What about clients who don’t pay on time, who always argue about your prices and who have other behaviors that demonstrate their inability to value your expertise and time?

Here are seven ways to handle toxic clients so you can restore your energy, regain your peace of mind and be ready and refreshed to serve the sort of clients you really enjoy helping.


P.S. At the end of the book, you will find worksheets. To receive training hours for this book, simply email your worksheets to with your name & I’ll shoot a certificate over to you. If you aren’t the initial purchaser of the book & you would like to receive the training hours, follow the same procedure. You’ll get a payment link and then a certificate.