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How to Use this Course

This course is your entry into working in a licensed childcare program. It is designed to give you a good foundation for your time at this program. We want you to feel comfortable & know what to expect.

This course will give you the basics. By completing it before your first day being in charge of children, you’ll feel more confident when unexpected things happen (they will). You need more than just a love of children & an interest in working with them. You also need to know how to connect with them, guide them, protect them, and help them reach new milestones. This will give you a start.

You will continue learning throughout your career in early childhood. If this is your first time working in the field, you will actually complete 24 hours of training in your first 3 months! Every year you’ll find interesting classes, workshops & conferences that will support your continued learning.

Humans change more in the first years of life than at any other time. I love watching these little folks grow and develop & I bet you will too. The hugs and the pictures that you get are worth more than you can imagine. The first time a little one says, “I missed you” when you come back from a sick day, you’ll see what I mean! Welcome to a career you can truly love!

How Does This Course Work?

This course is designed to cover all the areas that the Texas Child Care Licensing requires for new caregivers. It is pretty straight forward: it is broken into 6 parts, each one has a short quiz at the end of it. Once you have passed the quiz in a section, you go on to the next section. At the end you get a training certificate. You print a copy out for your records and another one for your Director, and viola- you get to play!

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