Mastering the Art of Delegation and Planning for the Holiday Season

Are you ready for the holiday season? This week Kate and Carrie are sharing tips and tricks to make your holiday season easier by overviewing one of their recent podcast episodes. They delved into the challenges of finding a location for large family gatherings, menu planning, delegating responsibilities, and organizing activities for everyone to enjoy.

The Importance of Delegation During the Holidays

One of the main topics discussed was the importance of delegating tasks during the holiday season. Carrie shared that they typically delegate meals for specific holidays, such as Christmas and Boxing Day, by asking for volunteers or assigning them if no one steps forward. This approach not only shares the workload but also ensures that everyone feels involved in the holiday preparations.

Planning Fun Activities for Everyone

Kate and Carrie also touched on the need to plan fun activities for everyone to enjoy during the gathering. Carrie mentioned that they have traveled to various locations for Christmas in the past, taking advantage of the lower numbers in their childcare business during that time. This highlighted the importance of efficient delegation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable holiday experience.

Delegating Tasks for Meal Prep

When Carrie asked about the steps Kate takes when delegating tasks for meal prep, Kate explained that they make sure everyone is aware of any dietary restrictions and have snack food available in case anyone gets hangry. They also emphasized the importance of clear communication and checking in with the person assigned a task to ensure they have all the necessary supplies and assistance.

The Power of Checklists and Whiteboards

Kate suggested creating a checklist to help with event planning and learning from past experiences to avoid mishaps. They mentioned the common problem of not having enough napkins for staff events. Kate and Carrie emphasized the need to consider school schedules and other commitments when planning events and encourage open communication with staff and parents. Kate advised using a whiteboard to keep track of staff schedules and classroom coverage.

Delegating Tasks to Family Members

Carrie highlighted the importance of delegating tasks not only within their program but also to their own families. She suggested that if the holiday season is always hectic for them due to Christmas gifts for the kids, they may need extra staff during that time. Carrie advised reaching out to family members and managing their expectations to ensure they can delegate some responsibilities at home as well.

Hiring College Students for Assistance

Kate added that this is also a great time to hire college students who are back in town for the Christmas break. She suggested hiring them for three hours a day to assist teachers in making end-of-year crafts or projects for parents. Kate emphasized that it’s important to find someone who is not bonded to any specific child so that they can work in any classroom without hesitation.

Maintaining Staffing Levels

Kate and Carrie both agreed that this is not the time to reduce staffing, as there are still tasks to be done and parents who eagerly await the special crafts made by their children. They suggested hiring someone new to the program for a short period, and if they work out well, they can be considered for a summer staff position.

Delegating Business-Related Tasks

Kate also mentioned the importance of delegating business-related tasks, such as sending end-of-year reports to parents. She suggested hiring someone or finding a staff member who can take on this responsibility.

Unique Holiday Traditions

Our conversation took an interesting turn when Carrie mentioned a unique tradition they had started with their family and friends. They have started doing table readings of mystery plays, which were initially brought by a nurse who was not a theater nerd. The kids and non-theater people have become interested in this tradition and look forward to reading a new play each year.

The Importance of Early Communication and Delegation

Emphasizing the importance of early communication and delegation. If you are a director, you must have conversations with your family and other associations to determine your availability for events and functions. They stressed the importance of not taking on too much and learning to say no, as doing everything for everyone can lead to resentment.

Self-Care and Following Through with Traditions

Kate and Carrie always suggest taking time for self-care and planning something enjoyable for yourself, like a trip or pampering day. They also mentioned the importance of following through with traditions and expectations, both in your program and with your own family.


We wish everyone a happy holiday season and we want to remind our readers to visit our website and podcast for more insights and tips. The holiday season can be a hectic time, but with proper planning, delegation, and a bit of self-care, it can also be a time of joy and celebration.

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