Facilitating with Confidence for Trainers


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Use our facilitation skills course kit to deliver your own, interactive teacher workshops or staff meetings.

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8 hour training.Do you want to offer amazing trainings for teachers and parents?  Facilitating with Confidence for trainers is your ticket to more engaging sessions!

Are your staff trainings falling victim to monotony, leaving participants struggling to stay engaged? Traditional workshops and team meetings often feature one-sided communication, with trainers monopolizing the conversation while attendees battle against drowsiness or resort to distractions like smartphones. Masterclasses can be the worst offenders & have the highest price points.  The outcome? Sparse takeaways and a fading memory of the session’s purpose before the echo of the final words has even settled.

Yet, the landscape transforms dramatically under the guidance of a skilled facilitator.

Imagine a scenario where the session leader harnesses expert facilitation techniques to foster lively discussions and active involvement. The very air changes; a sense of engagement permeates the room.

People not only interact with the subject matter, but also exchange ideas, dissect insights, and most importantly, achieve tangible outcomes.

So, why haven’t facilitation skills taken center stage universally? The answer lies in these skills don’t come as naturally to most as standing and talking..

When you’re the authority, instinct beckons you to teach every nuance. However, true understanding blossoms when ideas are mulled over, questions are asked, and connections to personal stories are explored. The result? Participants walk away not just with absorbed knowledge, but also armed to immediately put it into practice.

Luckily, the art of facilitation is a skill accessible to all. Empowering your group sessions with effectiveness is within reach, and you can be the conduit for that transformation. Enter our comprehensive course: “Facilitating with Confidence.”

In this course, you’ll unravel the secrets of adept facilitation, equipping you to breathe life into your sessions. The result? Engaged audiences, invigorating discussions, and actionable insights. Join us in mastering the craft of facilitation, and watch as your sessions evolve into captivating, results-driven experiences.

This training can be used as part of your 15 hours of train-the=trainer coursework for becoming a registered trainer with TECPDS