• Signs to post on your doors to notify everyone that firearms aren't allowed in your program. Signs include:
    • Concealed handgun postings
    • Open carry handgun postings
    • In both English & Spanish
    They are available in PDF format.
  • 21 strategies to deal with the toxic clients at your center. Try one, try a few, try them all. Help them change their ways, change their attitude or change their location. Your center will never be the same again. And that is a good thing! 6 hours of training with sample letters, scripts and a whole lot of confidence!
  • Everything you need for the annual Hazardous Materials training required by Licensing.  Can be used by Directors or caregivers. 1 hour training.
  • Working with parents can be a challenging part of the job of a Director. This training walks through methods for dealing with 10 common challenges.
  • Infant Curriculum & Learning Basics is an exploration of what is needed in curriculum for infants. In addition to an explanation of the developmental needs of young infants, mobile infant & toddlers, the course includes a wealth of activities to begin writing your own curriculum. Infant Curriculum & Learning Basics is a combination of the practical and theoretical. It combines them in a way to support beginning teachers, inform experienced teachers, and provide resources for every teacher.
  • One weekend and 20 hours at home – give yourself the chance to have your learning customized to your program.  If you like to work through concepts with a small group or brainstorms ways to improve your program or plan, this is the class you want to look into. Weekender students start learning on their schedule and then come together with a small group to dive deeper into the material.  They work together to come up with action oriented steps to start your term as director on your terms.
  • A 10 hour self-study course to help Directors and managers to lead their team. The course covers examining your leadership style, creating the culture for your team, building your team's value & coaching the team.
  • 50 hours of business management training. You are *almost* qualified to be a Director but you still need business management training. This is your course if you will be in charge of increasing enrollment, finding new families, retaining existing families, or recruiting quality staff.
  • A 2-hour packet of training topics include:
    • Child Teacher Interaction
    • Professionalism
  • 3 hour instructor led course (through video & email). We hear terms like Montessori school, Waldorf program or Reggio Emilia Inspired. Frequently, parent or applicants will ask what your thoughts are and how your do or don't implement them in your program. Learn what these (& a couple of other) educational philosophies actually mean and how they are most often implemented. Then, use this knowledge to inform your marketing! You are undoubtedly using methods from at least one of these methods in your program, whether you know if or not. Finally, a training about theory that you can use in building your enrollment!
  • 50 hours of business management training. You are *almost* qualified to be a Director but you still need business management training. Choose this course if you need a broad ranch of business management training. This course covers some marketing*, staff management, finances, business structure, and leadership skills. * there is some overlap with the marketing packet


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