• Train Your Staff & Others If you have ever wanted to expand your opportunities within the ECE industry, now is your chance! Wether you are wanting to be more confident in training your own staff, or feel the desire to present at conferences & your local Workforce board, you need this training! To be a registered trainer in Texas you need training in how to train adult learners. TECPDS requires 15 hours of Train the Trainer education.
  • Use our facilitation skills course kit to deliver your own, interactive teacher workshops or staff meetings.
  • All the training hours you need for your annual training to renew your credential. If you need additional hours because you are a TRS or accredited program, buy the TRS completion package.
  • 50 hours of business management training. You are *almost* qualified to be a Director but you still need business management training. Choose this course if you need a broad ranch of business management training. This course covers some marketing*, staff management, finances, business structure, and leadership skills. * there is some overlap with the marketing packet
  • 50 hours of business management training. You are *almost* qualified to be a Director but you still need business management training. This is your course if you will be in charge of increasing enrollment, finding new families, retaining existing families, or recruiting quality staff.
  • Burnout Prevention

    $350.00 / month for 3 months
    Directors - it has been a rough 2 years. Get the support you need now so that you can be your best self.
    • 3 month minimum - $350.00 a month
    • Weekly 30 minute coaching calls
    • Weekly group coaching calls
    • Marco Polo app
    The focus is to allow you as a director to deal with the fires and have a support team to help guide you through any issues.
  • Summer Prep: 3-month Coaching Program

    $350.00 / month for 3 months
    Summer Prep
    • 3 months - $350.00/month
    • 2 - 30 min coaching calls each month
    • Weekly group coaching calls
    • MarcoPolo connection during the week
    • Summer program evaluation, marketing, Social media, staffing and more
  • Get your annual training hours delivered to you. Half of the hours will be instructor-led in monthly online trainings in a webinar format. If you miss the training, you can watch the replay and ask questions via email or in a private Facebook group.
  • Self-Paced

    Course can be started anytime and is valid for six months, includes videos, additional support material including podcast links. Online asynchronous course that you can do at your own speed. You will need to purchase the book (available as a kindle, audio, paperback and in Spanish). You must order the book for this course -- it is available as a paperback, hard back, audible and kindle edition. Order the book here. Click and fill up this form: Director Contact form
  • One weekend and 20 hours at home – give yourself the chance to have your learning customized to your program.  If you like to work through concepts with a small group or brainstorms ways to improve your program or plan, this is the class you want to look into. Weekender students start learning on their schedule and then come together with a small group to dive deeper into the material.  They work together to come up with action oriented steps to start your term as director on your terms. Click and fill up this form: Director Contact form


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