Enhance Your Childcare Program with On-Site Training

At Texas Director, we understand that your dedicated staff is the heart of your childcare program. Nurturing, supporting, and equipping them with the right tools and knowledge is essential for consistently improving service delivery and reducing staff turnover. Our onsite training services, tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses in the early childhood education and out-of-school time provider industry, can help you achieve these goals.

Why Choose Texas Director’s Onsite Training:

  • Real-World Expertise: Our trainers have practical experience working in childcare programs, which means they genuinely grasp the challenges and nuances of your industry.
  • Bilingual Training: We offer training in both English and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for all members of your team.
  • Engaging Learning: Our dynamic trainers present information in ways that cater to different learning styles—visual, auditory, and kinesthetic—making every session engaging and effective.
  • Comprehensive Training Topics: From communication, management, leadership development, and teamwork to compliance (minimum standards), classroom management, child development, and guidance, our training covers a wide range of crucial areas.
  • Credentialed Trainers: Our trainers are registered with the Texas Trainer Registry (TECPDS) and possess over 30 years of experience in the field. Carrie Casey, one of our trainers, has earned recognition as Trainer of the Year.

What Our Clients Say:

  • “I like that they involve our program scenario and issues. Very informative and knowledgeable.”
  • “Very good knowledge of all the topics, explained very clearly, even for beginners in this field.”
  • “Friendly and informative. I appreciate all the advice and personal help.”

Customized On-Site Training:

We understand that every childcare program is unique. Therefore, we customize our training to address your program’s specific needs, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and effective training solutions.  You will talk through your needs with Carrie, exploring topic options and dates, then she will select the right trainer for your program.

How to Get Started:

Arranging onsite training with Texas Director is straightforward. Contact Carrie at (512) 761-5343 or email Carrie@TexasDirector.org to discuss your desired topics and schedule.

Training Logistics:

We typically conduct training at your location for your convenience. Our requirements are minimal—simply provide a room with chairs for participants (preferably adult-sized), a whiteboard or training easel, and a projector with a screen. If necessary, we can supply the projector, screen, and training easel for an additional fee.

Special Director Credential Discount:

Directors with a current Director Credential from Texas Director enjoy a 25% discount on all onsite training sessions.

Invest in your childcare program’s growth and success with Texas Director’s onsite training services. Our experienced trainers are committed to empowering your staff with the skills and knowledge they need to excel. Contact us today to begin your journey toward a more knowledgeable and empowered team.


P.S. I used both on-site & onsite spelling on this page because the dictionary tolk me both were valid & the SEO gods are fickle.